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If you want the best possible chances for a reasonable and Professional approach to the resolution of yout dispute with the best possible chances for success and the most appropriate resources devoted to resolving your construction problem, this is THE place to look before you decide what to do.

Just about every construction attorney and law firm with experience in construction litigation in Texas or Louisiana is either known to me personally or has worked with me.  They all know me.  My name is Richard Roy and I am a construction expert

I provide expert witness services. All I do is consult and work with attorneys who are involved in construction litigation.  I am not a litigator nor do I practice law, but I AM an attorney as well as a professional construction engineer. I have been working in construction litigation for the past 30 years.  I know the attorneys who would be best equipped to litigate your case.

Most construction attorneys have a specialized practice.  Some attorneys and law firms specialize in representing only Owners. Others specialize in representing only:

·         General contractors

·         Specialty sub-contractors

·         Fabricators

·         Suppliers

·         Architects

·         Engineers

·         Designers

·         Consulting firms

·         Management firms

·         Design-build firms

·         Insurance companies

·         Sureties

Some firms specialize in representing only plaintiffs while others do only defense work. 

This is why you need my expertise to be sure you select the best attorney for your particular case.

Your goals need to be consistent with the dispute resolution philosophy of the attorney you choose. An attorney’s philosophy will impact the way he approaches your case.  Some attorneys will focus all of their work toward settling the case without taking the risk of going to trial.  Others want to bring each and every case to trial, regardless of the risks involved.  Some embrace alternative dispute resolution techniques and procedures such as arbitration and/or mediation while others do not believe such methods fully utilize all of the remedies provided by law.  Negotiation is a skill that not all attorneys have fully developed into their practice.  It happens to be a specialty of mine.

Because many parties to potential construction litigation have little experience in matching the right attorney or resolution process to the particular needs of their case and its merits, I have stepped in to help with this task.  My goal is to enhance the client’s chances of success by putting together the best possible legal team to represent him/her.  In this way the client will experience the most successful outcome possible for his problem.

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